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Amazed By You [Eurovision 2012] akordai gitarai

Alive Way dainos "Amazed By You [Eurovision 2012]" gitaros akordai
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Verse 1:

G                          D
  Babe your so beautiful tonight.
         Em            D
I'm so amazed, like a child

It seems so unreal, it could be lie
Like a falling snow, In july.


Am                   Em
You make me feel rattling,
Am                   D
Mumbling words, but I


        G             D
I wanna feel, I wanna fly
        Am                             D
I wanna go with you , where the Angels glide,
I wanna feel, I wanna fly,
Babe with you till the end of time

Verse 2:

I wish I could be essential to you.
Be your magic water that makes your dreams come true

And I guess I'm just a fool.
drunk with love, and soo doomed


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