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A Love Ballad akordai gitarai

Bo Burnham dainos "A Love Ballad" gitaros akordai
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intro: D, A, Bm, G, D, A, G, D

D                   A                          Bm
She got me with her looks, she got me with her stare,
            G                        D
Bright blue eyes and her long blonde hair,
         A                    Bm
From the start it was easy to see,
G                        D, A, Bm
This was the girl for me.
who cares if she was 83.

D, A, Bm, G, D

                  A                         Bm
She could make me silent, she could make me shout.
                 G                        D
And she drove me wild with those dentures out.
        A                       Bm
When we ate people said we were rude,
        G                     D
cause i had to pre-chew her food.

D, A, Bm, G, D

             A                          Bm
Her skin was saggy from her feet to her face,
                     G              D
I put my hand up her skirt...second base!
        A                   Bm
We made love and the more i thrust,
             G                   D   A,Bm,G                       D,A,Bm,G 
the more the room was covered in dust...  the room was covered in d-u-s-t
A                      G 
 Then one day i felt i chill
as i woke up from our bed
she was lying there real still,
my little lady was already dead.
the wake happened on a saturday night,
I just sat there and bowed my head.
A little girl was one my right,
Crying because her grandma was dead.

and that little girl she...

D               A                     Bm
Got me with her looks got me with her tears,
         G                 D
Feminine beauty beyond her years,
         A                    Bm
From the start it was easy to see.
That was the girl me.

D, A 

Bm     G
   Who cares if she was only 3.

D, A, G, D

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